standard-title Night Guards and Sports Mouth Guards

Night Guards and Sports Mouth Guards

Do you grind your teeth or need extra protection for sports?

Protecting your smile is very important. That is why we offer night guards and sports guards to our patients. Our patients can maintain the health, length and beauty of their teeth, whether your need is protection from contact sports or from night-time grinding.

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We offer custom sport guards for our patients who play contact sports, which is a perfect solution for protecting the mouth from trauma.  The patients who are involved in the following sports, football, basketball, soccer, and hockey, are perfect candidates for a custom fit sports mouth guard to keep your smile protected while playing the sports you love.

Mouth GuardYou may be grinding your teeth at night without even realizing it, while you are sleeping at night.  This nightly grinding can cause serious wear and risk to the integrity of the teeth, wear on the enamel, fractures in the teeth, and in some cases even change your bite.  We offer a comfortable solution for nightly grinding, with a custom fit night guard  that fits easily on the upper and lower teeth to cushion teeth from the damage of grinding.  After wearing your custom mouth guard, you will soon feel a difference in the way you feel when you wake up in the morning.